Timspirational Weekend: The Power of Gratitude!

Enjoy this piece on Gratitude….. Also join us for more on this topic at the Middle of Nowhere Show throughout November…. There is a pleasant surprise for you that you don’t want to miss out on…
Punctuate your day with smiles and laughter, experience the miracles of life through Gratitude ~ Psalm360

Courtesy: lightgrid.ning.com

Courtesy: lightgrid.ning.com

How does it feel to be loved and cherished, how does it feel to be appreciated?

What happens to you when someone walks up to you, and gives you a pat on the back (not a kick in the back!) and says ‘Thank you’…

How does it feel on the inside to be reminded of how cool and special you are – with words, gifts, or other pleasant surprises that would absolutely make your day.

Yes, are you feeling something already?

Do you get that feeling… that warmth within that makes you feel on special? Do you feel the sense of reciprocity, the desire to want to go on an appreciation spree because you feel awesome? You just want to spread the love and feel moments?

What will you do with that feeling of positive overflow of emotion? Who comes to mind that could do with such love.

What triggers such a state of happiness? What strikes such chemistry, and causes this abounding goodness….

Courtesy: gratitudefilledlife.com

Courtesy: gratitudefilledlife.com

Good memories?
Expressions of Goodwill…
Experiences of Goodness…
Touches of Grace…
Smiles and laughter…

How would your life be if you woke up with a Thank you and words of gratitude everyday….
Just imagine this… and much more. All I know is that Gratitude is the key to unlock this and more.

Gratitude is the key to nurturing goodwill; it is the place of refueling where we all should stop over often in life’s journey ~ Psalm360

Did you love this piece? Why not join us for more at the #MiddleofNowhereShow where we talk more about Gratitude. We have a special gift for you as we celebrate Gratitude month this November.


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