Creative Mondays: 5 Surprising Places for Creativity and Inspired Thinking

The Loo



This may come as a surprise to some. Not for me. There is something about emptying your bowels or the sense of relief that is experienced in the process that sparks creativity and inspired thinking. Certainly this is the least of settings that anyone can imagine to be of any more use other than answering calls of nature. You will be surprised at the possibilities in the privacy of such precincts. Personally, I have found it useful to tag along my phone and jot any ideas, quotes and lines of thought to make the most of such creative aura!

Give it a bash; it could make for some really interesting discovery.

The Shower
I think this may be an obvious one given the famous claims of ‘singing in the shower‘. Apparently, even my cousin BO (Barrack O) is guilty of this. You see, even Presidents can take advantage of perhaps the very few times they are not under the strict and often prying eyes of National Security to release that latent potential of creativity. I have personally found the gush of the waters on my being to be not only refreshing but the spring source of amazing creative ideas.

Recommended: Make a deal to sing in the shower or even worse; there is so much creative rush to be experienced as you wash!

In Bed
I’m not a morning person, but I must say I have discovered the secret of inspiration – just by the bedside or in the snugly comfort of pillows and sheets. The danger obviously is that you may be overwhelmed and snooze away to dreamland without much value gained in creative output. So I’m not talking about dreaming here! Rather that within such comfortable and relaxed settings it’s possible to unlock the power of the pendulum swing. A rested setting is always very conducive for creativity. In fact I have written several posts, most which have been shared on this blog from the comfort of my bed!

You got nothing to lose, give it a try before you vamooze to dreamland!

At 35, 000 feet
I get to travel often nowadays by plane, and I have noted the rush of creativity especially as we scale higher heights buoyed by the vistas of cloud nine. Especially if you manage a window seat, the breath taking views of clouds beneath and some days just the magnificence of blue skies provides the canvas and fodder for all kinds of imagination and creativity. Often the phrase ‘sky is the limit‘ is used as an expression; it’s amazing how much of a different air of perspective we receive from such elevated views. Again, i have jotted so furiously at notebooks the inspired ideas that come at such heights.
courtesy: courtesy:

Nowadays, i make sure Evernote is sitting close by so I don’t miss any inspired thoughts that come to mind.

By The Sea



We have all dreamt of our ideal home somewhat just overlooking the sea or right at the beach-front next to the ocean. Certainly there is something inspiring about the sea and even generally being close to sizeable water ways. I suppose the likes of Hemingway’s were inspired by the sea to the point he wrote such titles as ‘The Old Man and the Sea‘. Often when we talk of ultimate relaxation, holiday or unwinding the sea comes to mind, with sandy beaches, blue waters and all. This certainly is idyllic for creative expression; I have drawn great creative inspiration walking or just basking in the breezes of the big waters!

Nature walks
This should be the least surprising of them all, at least for me! I couldn’t tell the ounces of inspiration and perspective I have breathed in with every walk i have taken in nature. This without a doubt is my most treasured and cherished source of inspiration, perspective and ideas. It has inspired and matured most of the thoughts and even posts; some which have been shared here more than all the above contexts. Nature walks are beneficial with a ton of benefits – over and above getting your creative juices flowing. It’s green and healthy to start with! As one of my essential rituals for creative living, I highly recommend it for any creative to indulge with abandon!

What other places inspire creativity for you? Please share your comments..Wishing a super Creative Monday!

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