Creative Mondays : Creating The Future Today!

What is in your hands
Each one of us is blessed with a gift,  a talent or a skill that we can use to architect the future of our dreams.  So what do you have in your hands that can be doorway, or staircase to success and the future you have imagined?



Today can be a masterpiece
Today is a gift that is why it is called present.  And it can be the beginning of amazing things If we take advantage of it. Today is the day all of us have been waiting for all our lives, and now that it is here,  do we appreciate and recognize it’s full value and potential?  What are you creating today that will shape the future. Write it down clearly and down to it Everyday.

You have what it takes
The biggest myth is one that imagines that if we had more than we have we would be better placed to succeed.  We often imagine that if we had more time,  money, connections,  or better ideas then we would be better poised to succeed.  Truth is you have all you need and what it takes to succeed starting today,  NOW!  So Stop making excuses and start creating the future you have always imagined.

It all begins with an idea
Yes, any big thing you see and celebrate began with an idea. Just as fruits, trees and forests, they all began from a seed at one point in time.  What ideas do you have that can be starting point of something significant in the near future? Remember ideas are flaky and you can lose them if don’t write them down and begin to nurture them to grow.



You can create the future by doing something today
Lastly, and importantly you can begin creating the future by doing something today. Show me your daily priorities and I will tell what kind of future you are creating now.  Have prioritized time to practice or hone your craft?  Have you set aside time to create and connect with others who will challenge you to be better in your area of strength?  Are you in charge of your day and agenda or somebody defining that for you.  Are you simply doing what you are paid for or are you creating other opportunities that can change how you will earn in future.

This is the passion and cause behind #CreativeMondays! It exists to champion living out personal potential and challenging people to begin creating their future today.

So what is on your plate?

5 thoughts on “Creative Mondays : Creating The Future Today!

    • Thank you so much Nancy. So beautifully said – never lose hope, never give up. Keep dreaming, and doing. In the end your dreams will come true. Thanks again for stopping by

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